Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't Wake The Parents


  1. LOL good story, charming, excellent use of pic

  2. His best mate only 13, the same as him. But they had always wondered about Krissy. His best mate always thought his older sister was the hottest girl in the world. So here he was inside his 17 year old sister planning to make out with his best friend. He was hoping if his mate made out with her a bit then he would get over his sister.
    Krissy was in his body in his room sound asleep, no idea she was not sleeping in her own body. Some drugs will do that. His parents in the lounge room watching TV.
    Started with gentle kissing for a few minutes. His mate then reached inside his sister bra and began to feel her tits.
    "oh man, this is amazing, they are so perfect", he said.
    "Yeah i know. Keep it down remember".
    This lead to taking Krissy's top off and sucking on her breasts. 13, but he was really enjoying it.
    "Can you take your shorts off, i wanna see her panties. Can i touch her?".
    "Dude, ok, but only for a minute then we have to put her pants back on", i said as i pulled the short off my legs. My best mate climbed up onto the bed and gentle, slowly touched my sister's panty covered pussy. I was surprised how good it felt as he rubbed it.
    "Can i touch it under the panties. Pretty please, this is a once in a life time chance. Please", begged the 13 year old boy.
    I didn't mean too, but i nodded and the next thing i felt was my sister panties being pulled to the side. My mate started rubbing my sisters pussy again, but bare. I felt him gently push a finger slightly into her slit. I closed my eyes to enjoy it as well.
    The rubbing continued for another few minutes. I had my eyes closed while knew my sisters body was getting a bit too excited. I knew my mate was beating his cock as the bed was shaking the whole time he was rubbing Krissy's pussy.
    "Oh buddy. You know i love Krissy right. I'm gonna do this just once, while i can, ok!".
    Just as i opened my eyes to look up at my mate, i saw he had moved between Krissy's legs and was beating his cock only an inch for her pussy. His cock head was pointing directly at my sisters slit. I was just opening my mouth to ask what he meant when i got my answer.
    Without any warning or pause, my best mate clearly began an orgasm. His face said it all. But as he began a groan, his fist clamped his hard cock and before i could even think he used his hand that had been rubbing my pussy to lift my hip just a bit and in the motion he jerked forward. His cock was perfectly lined up and his head pushed directly into Krissy's pussy. He let go of his cock and grabbed the other side of her 17 year old hips, pulling on both sides, pulling her pussy onto his cock. His cock began spurting his load into Krissy's pussy, making it easier for him to sink even deeper as he pulled several time on my sisters hips.
    "Stop dude, i said not too. Oh man".
    He pulled her hips really hard one final time, which i felt his cock hit something really deep inside. I felt the heat of his cum spurting into Krissy's pussy. I had no idea that his cock had stopped lodged inside my sisters cervix and that the 5 or 6 spurts he finished pumping into her were going directly into her womb.
    After i got mad and told him he sucked and he should have done that we cleaned up. Being 13 it never occurred that my sister would be fertile or not using the pill.
    Almost 8 weeks later my sister was crying to our dad that she didn't know how she got pregnant, but the doctor had confirmed she was 8 weeks. I knew she had my best mates baby in her.
    I got my revenge when we were 16. I convince my mate to let me play with his sister. He told me that i couldn't repeat what he did as his sister was only 13, not 17. I agreed and promised not too. I only lasted 10 minutes before i pumped my entire load into his baby sister's womb.
    My sister gave birth to a baby girl and she was 4 when my bests mates sister gave birth to my baby girl. Neither sisters know it was their brothers who used them.