Monday, July 7, 2014

Could've Been You


  1. Hey Donnie,

    I think this the first time I have ever reached out to a TG captioning legend :-). Wonderful cap...reminds me if my current style and plot of captioning. I don't have to tell you that your old captions at Donnie's World were inspirational to say the least. Hope I can reach out to you soon - would love to talk shop! Thanks!

  2. "... Dave paused for a moment and replied, "Uh, yeah, you've got a point, grandpa. If you had, it would be "my old ass in the bin" and you would be about to have mind-blowing sex with my nympho-trophy-wife."
    "*gihiggle* I'm so glad you see my point, David! Now, are we still going to have that mind-blowing sex, or not!?! I promise you, it will be better than you & she have ever had, since this is my first time being done as a woman!!!" ..."

    Well, if one swaps ones' life for another, one gets the life one has swapped into,...right?!!