Sunday, August 31, 2014

Not My Type


  1. classic wickedky funny. great use of pic

  2. Hearing Thompson tell her this just fueled Dillon's anger. In the moment of anger she reacted.
    "You asked for this you old bastard", she yelled in her old man voice as she lunged forward, grabbing her own teenage body around the waist tightly.
    "i'm gonna make sure mom and dad hate you".
    "Dillon, this is pointless. Nothing you do can get you back into this body", Thompson told her.
    Before Thompson even realized, Dillon had undone her fly and pulled her new old man cock out. Already rock hard she knew what she was going to do to her old body. Keeping hold of herself with one arm, using the other to reach under her little white skirt and rip her white g-string.
    "Wait, Dillon, no. No, you can't. It's your body. You don't want to ruin it. Stop you little bitch", pleaded Thompson as he realized he didn't have the strength in her body to escape.
    "Oh god yes. Your gonna get it. I'm gonna fuck you and i know your ovulating right now so i'm gonna pump a baby into you. Take this you asshole". With only a moments pause, she felt the the underwear giveway under the skirt. She aimed her cock and thrust her manly hips forward, driving it deep inside her own pussy in one quick go. She knew she wasn't a virgin anymore.
    Thompson could only please as he felt his old cock driving deeper and deeper into his new 17 year old pussy. Faster and faster her felt Dillon thrust inside him, knowing she wouldn't last long.
    Dillon gave a few final thrust, forcing her new cock into her old cervix. As soon as she felt her head push through a tight ring inside her pussy, she instinctively knew and stopped tightly holding herself.
    Thompson felt the cock inside him swell, then with a rushing sensation felt the heat of of his own cum being pumped into his new teenage womb. He knew it was a lot as the cock swelled and shuddered over and over and the heat inside spread deeper and deeper into his perfect flat belly.
    Dillon was lost in total heaven as she blasted her first ever load of cum into her own womb, pumping load after load as if it was never going to end. As she calmed down, she slowly pulled her shrinking cock out of her old pussy.
    "That should do it you bastard. And abortions are illegal now. You can have my old man baby. Goodluck explaining that your mommy".
    8 weeks later Dillon showed up to work and Thompson told her he had triplets growing in her belly. Dillon laughed and before she knew it a flash went off. Suddenly she was back in her own body, looking a the old man back in his.
    "Last laughs on me you spoilt little brat. That was always the plan, but i thought i'd have to seduce you. You raping me saved the effort. All i wanted all along was my baby in you teen belly. Now you got 3. My work is done".