Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Didn't Think It Through


  1. LO I wonder howthmom's afre doing?

  2. "... "Yeah, you could have just hung-out with my mom, dude. But she doesn't have a thing for your mom like I do," replied Tommy as he leaned toward his friend and ran his delicate fingers along the other "woman's" smooth inner-thigh, purring seductively, "and she'd never have told you to stop wagging your finger at me unless you're planning to use it for something... fun! So, let's find a secluded spot where we can act like adult film stars with each-other!" ..."

    Sorry, Donald, I just had to! And Eric; I wouldn't be surprised to find out that their moms are finding a couple of 'nice girls' to hook their sons up with... if they ever get to be themselves again.


  3. No Need to appologise Elle, I always enjoy your comments :-)