Saturday, October 21, 2017

Like Being You

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  1. He studied hard that night knowing he had to ace the tests as he love Heather and wanted his body back.
    He felt uncomfortable going to school in his 14 year old sisters tiny body. The first exam he sat and worked through it. It lasted 2 hours and he finished with a few minutes to spare. While waiting outside the class room a teacher came over to talk to him. The teacher patted his girly butt and held her shoulder telling her she was cute. He had no idea Sara wasn't in this body today. He was shocked the teacher got so handsy with a student.
    The second exam started after lunch. That's when he realised the teacher watching over the exam was the same that felt him up earlier. In a moment of rush, he decided to get some revenge on Sara. He put his hand up and the teacher came over, even in the class and put his hand on her shoulder, his fingers resting low enough to touch the top of his breasts.
    "I don't feel well, can i step out and get some air".
    "I'll have to step into the hallway with you to watch over you, make sure you're not cheating", replied the older teacher.
    Stepping into the hallway, the teacher right behind. Using Sara's body he slowly turned around and lifted the front of his school skirt. The teacher took the hint.
    "You'll pass this test with a top mark young Sara. I'll make sure of it if you take care of me", he said as he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free. Standing in the hallway, cock out, but still standing where he can look into the class room to keep an eye on the other students still doing the test. In his little sisters body, he pulled his panties halfway down his thighs and slowly bent over, turning back around. He felt the teacher grab his hips and pull him back. The teacher stayed with his head watching through the door window.
    If anyone had come into the hallway right then they would have watched as the almost 50 year old man pushed his cock into the tiny 14 year old students pussy.
    Only 7 or 8 minutes later, Still holding Sara'a hips tight, he heard the old man.
    "Oh god, here it comes. I'm gonna cum in you Sara. Im gonna pump my load in you. Oh man, imagine if i put a baby in you. Oh god yes, that's it, take my baby".
    He felt the mans cock thrust deep, punching into his uterus and then it stopped. Pressing firmly into the depths of his sister teenage pussy the cock swelled and blasted load after load of baby making seed into her fertile teen pussy. Neither knew it, but Sara was ovulating that day and his cock was lined up perfectly with her cervical opening as he blasted each load of seed directly into the teen girls womb.
    He headed home smiling to himself knowing that Sara would have no idea her pussy and belly were packed full of baby seed. He was getting his body back and she was getting her body back plus more.
    The smile faded fast once he got home and his parents were there and Heather. They explained that her brother had dumped Heather and packed up and left all today. They said he told them he needed time away to himself and didn't know when he was getting back.
    Sara had left and he was now stuck in her teenage body, soon to find out he was pregnant with triplets to the school principle of all people.