Friday, December 15, 2017

Life Of Riley


  1. LOL OUCH! couldn't help laughing pargty becaause of the title. Poor girl, lucky guy

  2. Clyde only made one small mistake in his plan. Medallion overboard, spread his new 16 year old legs and leg the 30 something year old guy fuck him. Clyde enjoyed it so much he let him inside his new pussy 4 times. Head back to take over Riley's life, rich and hot.
    Well that was all the plan, but Clyde was disowned once his new father found out 8 weeks later he was 8 weeks pregnant. Clyde never though about protection when he let the unknown boat driver fuck him and cum in him 4 times. Clyde was now pregnant with twins at 16, stuck forever in Riley and abortions are now illegal.
    Teen motherhood here he comes!