Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fog Finally Lifted

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  1. Brad was angry, but came up with the plan. Seduce Matt, let Janice catch them together so she would break up with him. Janice would then take him back to Bikini Beach and let him buy the trade pass, get back into a mans body and they could go back to being husband and wife. Until he gets home and divorces her.
    In his school girl uniform Brad got home early to make sure he was waiting for Matt. He'd spent almost a month flirting and hinting with Matt about wanting something to happen. Matt was due home today, but Janice wasn't due home till much later, so Brad figured he'd have a couple hours to get Matt.
    Matt came inside and found Cyndi bending over the bench in her school skirt. Seeing her tiny ass on show and the tight panties covering her teen pussy was all it took. Brad didn't think it would be so easy, but before he could even think, Matt was behind him, pulling the back of his panties down. In a few second he saw Matts pants drop to his ankles and his hand take hold of his tiny teenage hips.
    "Oh Cyndi, finally we get a chance", said Matt as he pushed his cock into Brad's tiny pussy.
    Brad felt Matt's cock push against his hymen as he pushed hard inside. A sharp pain and Matt's cock broke through and sunk deeper inside. Brad had spent the last few weeks taking his newly prescribed pills to make sure it was ok to let Matt inside.
    "Oh daddy, you shouldn't. that' deep", said Cyndi.
    Brad knew he just had to make sure Janice found out after Matt finishes and then his plan would be in motion.
    "Oh god Bra, i mean Cyndi. Your so tight. I can't believe your only 14. I'm gonna cum already. Daddy's gonna cum in his little girl. Oh god yes".
    Brad was smiling thinking about how much trouble Matt would be in when Janice finds out he cheated on her. Just then the front door opened. Brad heard it, but when he flinched as an automatic reaction to it, Matt held his teen hips tight and continued to thrust.
    "Oh honey, you finally got inside her. About time", said Janice as she walked into the kitchen seeing Matt balls deep inside Cyndi.
    "Yep, she thought she seduced me. Yep, Cyndi! This was the plan all along. Janice didn't want to have a baby ruin her gorgeous body, so i'm making the baby in you. Oh god, almost their", groaned Matt.
    "What, Janice is my wife. And i'm on the pill you idiot so you can't put a baby in me. I'm gonna report this as rape and you will both go to jail then", yelled Brad, as Matt thrust even harder into his teen pussy.
    "Ha, those pills are just sugar pills, i made sure you never got real ones. No ones gonna believe you Brad. Oh god....gonna....your our little girl now.....and here it comes", Matt groaned a final few words as his orgasm took hold. Holding the 14 year old hips of Brads teenage body, Matt exploded, with a final deep hard thrust his cock pressed tightly into Brad's cervix, sealing his cock head perfectly with the teenager womb opening. Brad felt Matt's cock swell and then a sudden rush of heat spread deep into his tiny belly. With each throb of the older mans cock the feeling of something filling his belly increased and the heat spread even deeper inside. Brad lost count at 10 spurts as Matt pumped load after load of baby making seed into his fertile womb.
    "It was our plan all along to use you to make babies for us. Matt's gonna keep putting babies in your belly every 9 months from now on. Good work honey", Janice congratulated Matt.
    Brad went to bed that night with 6 fuckings worth of Matt's seed soaking deep inside his tiny teen belly. Brad knew he was screwed and his plan had failed. He had never though about his parents using him as a baby making machine. Brad gave birth to his first baby girl 2 months before his 15th birthday.
    3 months before Cyndi's 19th birthday she gave birth to her 5th baby girl. Brad was surprised he had 5 baby girls so far. Matt had already told him that on his 19th birthday he was going to impregnate him again and they would keep going until he gets a boy.
    Cyndi at her 25th birthday was 6 months pregnant with baby number 12 and still all girls.