Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Not So Tough Of A Choice

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  1. Jazmine selected her friend Heather to be swapped into. What Jazmine didn't know was her grandfathers secret.
    6 week ago at a gathering Jazmine had her friends over and during the day her grandfather had over heard her and her 6 close friends talking about their periods. They discovered they were all lined up and were all due the next 2 days for theirs. Hiram was hard just hearing this.
    He found out they planned a big sleep over for 2 weekends after. Which meant he knew they would all be ovulating or very close. He arranged with his daughter that her and her husband could go away for the weekend and he would look after the girls night.
    The night came and he was excited as Jazmine's friends all arrived. All 6 of the cute 15 year old girls arrived.
    During dinner Hiram had pre planned and the girls all drank the spiked drinks he served.
    Jazmine chose to swap into Heathers body, not knowing that her friend is also unknowingly 4 weeks pregnant with her grandfathers baby.
    Once the girls were out, Hiram spent the next 16 hours, using chloroform to keep the girls out cold while he fucked each of the teenager over and over. 16 hours later the girls started coming too, not really understanding what happened, but also not knowing they each had 3 or even 4 loads of Jazmine's grandfathers seed packed inside their teen wombs. By the end of the long weekend, all 6 girls left not knowing they each had a new baby growing in their bellies.
    Hiram swapped his granddaughter into heather, then decided to tell her that she will find she is pregnant. Jazmine was angry and asked why or how would he know this. Hiram explained to her what he did and that all of her friends are pregnant with his babies, and now she was too.
    Jazmine had a secret of her own. She'd had a thing for her grandpa and 4 weeks ago when she found her friends panties in her room after they had all changed after waking up, she had seen so much cum had leaking into the panties. She had guessed her grandfather had been masturbating using them to her friends. She hadn't planned it, but in her excitement she had scooped up the cum from her friends 6 pairs of panties and laying on her bed she used it as lube to push her dildo in. She masturbated for 15 minutes using the cum covered dildo, not really thinking about it. But it turned out spending 15 minutes shoving her grandfather cum inside herself, which the dildo had pushed deeper and deeper the more she pumped it in, she had pushed his seed through her cervix into her own womb, accidentally fertilising herself in the process. Hiram didn't know it but he was also 4 weeks pregnant, but with his own incest baby.
    All 7 girls were going to have his babies and only Jazmine knew it.